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Meet the Artists Bill & Tess

Bill & Tess

Follow Your Dreams...
Enjoy the Journey.

Our journey has been a colorful canvas of change and growth. As it is with most artists, there are many facets to what we do and who we are. As traveling artists, our lifestyle allows us to enjoy working without the constraints of the office. Although we put in long hours in our studios, it's a trade-off when we hit the road. Our travels have given us the unique opportunity to experience new places, embrace diversity in the arts community and reconnect with nature while making lasting friendships along the way. For us, it really is all about the journey.

Palm Guitar




Music by Bill

Although Bill's main focus is his photography, he is also a seasoned musician and songwriter, the acoustic guitar his instrument of choice. Bill has recorded his own songs as well as some of his favorite covers. Having spent many years playing late nights and weekends while working a full time job, Bill still likes to play a few gigs now and then for the sheer enjoyment of it.

DesignsbyTessDesigns by Tess

Tess not only creates beautiful stained glass art, but is an established graphic designer as well. She has over 35 years experience working in the advertisng industry as a staff artist to art director agencies and marketing firms. While Tess enjoys creating beautiful works of art with stained glass, she continues to freelance as a graphic designer.


Bill's photography is reflective of his visits to the clear blue waters of the Bahamas and Caribbean Islands, the laid back feel of the Florida Keys, the tropical foliage, wildlife and historical landmarks of Florida. Bill's photographs are unassuming and taken for the pure enjoyment of it. His work can be seen at various outdoor art shows, and is available in select galleries and boutiques throughout south Florida.

"Images of landscapes, architecture and wildlife... the natural beauty of these subjects are, and continue to be, an endless source of inspiration. From taking the photo to making the frame, I prefer to do the entire process myself. When making the frames, I like to use weathered wood that I can rejuvenate and add a finish that best compliments the photo. In this way, the frame becomes part of the art."
- Bill Dirienzo

Tess’ extensive design background provides the foundation for her glass designs. Still actively working as an independent designer, Tess has an agggressive outdoor show schedule, where her work is well received and gaining recognition.

“ The scope of my work includes a wide mix of traditional and mosaic stain glass designs evocative of nature with an inspirational touch. An integral part of the design lies in the glass selection. Like a painter’s palette, choosing the right color and value creates a feeling of depth and sets the mood. As in nature, there are many elements that integrated in my designs. It is not unusual to see beadwork, copper wire, bamboo, shells or pebbles in many of my designs. It’s these finishing details that give my work a defining look... or culmination with my signature of choice."
- Tess Dirienzo
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